Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Three's a Crowd (Tommy's song)

Everyone knows that babies recognize mom and dad's voice when they come out. Before I got pregnant I heard that if you repeatedly say or sing or read something to your baby before they are born then they will also recognize that.
I had decided that I wanted to Matt to write a song for each of our babies that we can sing to them while I am pregnant ( I would do it but I'm not a song writer so I handed the duty to someone who is).
Matt wrote a perfect little song for Tommy that we would sing to my stomach every night. 
The first time we sang Tommy the song after he was born the recognition in his eyes was amazing. This little song has been such a source of comfort for our little boy. There are have been so many times when nothing seems to console him and the second we start singing this song to him he stops and listens.
We still sing it to him every night. 

Blogger wouldn't let me only upload the song so I had to create a slideshow to go with it.

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  1. Cutest thing ever! Tommy is such a lucky boy to have you two as parents!